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Odrem ho!


"Yes, Beloved?"

"Sensor scan of Odrem complete. Sensors indicate another TARDIS on the planet."

"The Three..." Estrandre murmured. "Whereabouts?"

"Zesca, a small city in the northern hemisphere. Time-space signature for the last dematerialisation of the Nonnies' TARDIS has a 98.7% correlation with present Zesca."

"We're on the right track..." Estrandre murmured. "Has the other TARDIS noticed us yet?"

"No," Beloved answered, "or at least not as far as I can tell."

"Hm." Estandre murmured. "Let me think... All right. I want you to come in under their sensors - I do /not/ want them picking us up before we're ready."

If Beloved's manifestation had been in possession of a head, she would have nodded. "Yes, Pilot."

"Then give me a map showing where we are in relation to the Three."

"Yes, Pilot."


The sound of a TARDIS's materialisation echoed through the quiet street, as Sweetheart materialised in an empty lot. Scanning the architecture of the houses around her, she adapted her outer shell to match.


Estandre looked up.

"We've arrived." he said.

His guests' partying slowly quietened down.

"All right." he said. "Now we're here, I want a small group to go with Arthur and see if we can get the Nonnies to stay with Beloved, while their TARDIS recuperates."

"I will!" Eloise volunteered.

Estandre nodded. "Anyone else interested, go with Eloise. No more than two or three of you, however - we don't want to draw too much attention."

Eloise nodded.

Estandre frowned. "Now... we need a way to flush the Three out - and before /anyone/ suggests revealing Beloved, I would like to observe that the Three will be wary of any TARDIS appearing so soon after the Nonnies' TARDIS disappeared. They may be bumblers, but I doubt they're /that/ stupid."

Alt-Ninth raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, Doctor?"

"I would have thought the answer was obvious." Alt-Ninth said. "We go TARDIS-shopping."

Estandre raised /his/ eyebrow in turn. "By which you mean..."

"We show up at the Three's TARDIS and inquire about TARDIS parts." Alt-Ninth shrugged. "Simple enough."

Estandre considered. "Mm. Given what happened to Arthur, I'd prefer it if someone combat-capable took care of this..."

Marin raised a hand. "We'll do it."

Behind him, Allie covered her glasses.

Estandre cast a look at them. "Are either of you combat-capable?"

"Allie is," Marin said. "If you can point us where we need to go..."

Estandre nodded. "Would either of you mind if I requested that a small group went with you, in the eventuality something goes wrong?"

Marin and Allie shook their heads.

"No." Marin said.

"All right." Estandre said. "I'd like volunteers for Marin and Allie's group - perhaps about three or four people.

"As for the rest of you... if anyone wants to go out and take a look around, feel free to do so, but be quick. No more than say... an hour.

"To those of you who are happy to remain... we apologise for the interruptions, and hopefully will be able to start up the party again in a short while.

"All right. Let's get started."
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