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Off to the Inn

(A branch in the plot from this posting)

"All right." he said. "Now we're here, I want a small group to go with Arthur and see if we can get the Nonnies to stay with Beloved, while their TARDIS recuperates."

"I will!" Eloise volunteered.

Eloise trotted to the kitchen, where she found Walter Duncan still watching over the sleeping Arthur[1].

"We've arrived," she whispered, to Walter Duncan, and gently nudged Arthur with the tip of her index finger. "Arthur," she said, quietly, "Arthur, we've arrived at Odrem."

Arthur's eyes fluttered open. "Odrem?" he asked, sleepily, then, with a twitch of his whiskers, he was suddenly alert. "But the Three -- what if they come after this ship?"

"We're doing our best to take them by surprise, this time," Eloise assured him, "but right now, I've come to take you to your family, to let them know you're all right... and invite them all to stay here for a while. Surely, your Susan, Cecil and the others must be very worried about you."

Arthur nodded. "Yes," he said, I suppose you're right ... The Three won't be half pleased to see me again, though," he added, uneasily.

"They won't need to see you," Eloise assured him. "You can hide in one of my pockets -- there's plenty of room, they're all bigger on the inside."

She held the upper left pocket on her vest open for him, and Arthur climbed in, a bit awkwardly. Despite Bob the Muse's earlier worries, this little mouse was nothing like a musketeer. Eloise was beginning to suspect that his dress was more theatrical costume than it was his everyday garb.

[1]See this posting.
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