Daibhid C (daibhid_c) wrote in tardis_hoedown,
Daibhid C

Nadine's group

Beloved let Nadine's group out into the smoky dusk of Lexin's industrial center (looking, to those Hoedowners familiar with the genre, very much like the set of a 1940's Film Noir movie), but shut her doors again before Estandre's group could follow.

As Beloved dematerialised, the group that had just exited were somewhat surprised. Since most of them were experienced adventurers, this surprise exhibited itself as little more than a slight start and an exchange of perplexed glances, if that.

A second after everyone else had finished their understated reactions, Daibhid Chelonidae spun round in what could only be described as a full-body doubletake, and started looking behind things.

"They've *gone*!" he exclaimed eventually.

"Wow," drawled Jack, "With reactions that quick, it's a shame there aren't any hares for you to race."

"But... *where*?" Daibhid demanded, despite knowing that no-one there had any more idea than he did. "What happened to the general-exploration group? I was going to give Daibhid back the Rucksack, since he was joining it." The Rucksack looked up at its name (or at least pointed its buckle in Daibhid's direction).

"Donatello raises some interesting points," said Destrii, "but I don't think it's anything we can do anything about. They must have had a reason for leaving, and the best thing we can do is do what we're here for *then* worry about whether they're coming back."

"Pretty much what I was thinking," Jack added, "And given the way these things seem to work, it's always possible we'll stumble upon them on the way."

"Agreed." agreed Nadine. As they set off she felt a sense of relief that *some* of the people in this group were professional about things.

"So, Destrii, huh?" Jack commented, "As in 'Rides Again'?"

Well, fairly professional...
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