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*Fights her way through the cobwebs*


(Sweeps away a circle of dust from the stage with the tuft at the end of her tail)

I was actually thinking of making this post back in May, when the name showed up in the LJ Birthday reminders (May 24th was the tenth anniversary of the first Pro-Fun Hoedown on rec.arts.drwho).

But then, the date slipped by, and I forgot. And then, I got depressed that I forgot, and well....

And today, to give me a prod in the butt, LJ announced their plan to completely purge all inactive journals and comms (including all reply threads), starting in August.

This post will buy this community two more years (or so they say, now. They could change their mind again before two years is up)... But, beyond this survival-mode post, I still think this place could use some sprucing up. Doctor Who the fanchise has come back to television since the last reply to the last entry was posted here; we have three new Doctors, a new Master, and a whole passel of new companions and associates to invite to our shindig (if that's what we're still up for doing).

Rec.Arts.Drwho seems to have gone into the permanant realms of Internet History. Can't even do a direct search of usenet groups on Google, anymore. And when I tried a Google search of keyword phrases I know I made to my first post to RADW, all that came up are archival versions of the original. So I can't even find my earliest entry into that world, anymore (I think it was November, 1999).*

Anyway -- that rambling paragraph immediately above this one was just to segue into the fact that inspiration of the PRO-FUN TROLL HOEDOWNS, the Pro-McCoy Troll vs. Pro-Pertwee Troll flamewars on RADW, are barely within the realm of living memory.

So what do you want to do with this space? What should be our new inspiration? Should I promote this comm, a bit, and invite new people in? Should I rework the community profile and guidelines? What, what?

Tell me!

*Found it (it was from September 29, 1999):

The way we laugh, reminisce, and argue about the Doctor might lead some poor, lost soul who wandered into RADW by mistake to think we're confusing him with a biological, historical person.

"Never!" I say. Doctor Who is a creation of the human mind, of many human minds. And that is why I love him. If we can imagine *him*, then perhaps we can imagine, and create, ourselves in his image.

Despite the inconsistencies, the squabbles we get into over his nature, origins, biology and history, the Doctor remains a hero who takes on the world with humor, charm, and intelligence. He, like the people who create him, has his dark sides. He can be petty, manipulative, and
mean. But in the end, he always returns to his core: someone with a strong, flexible mind that embraces the impossible, and with two hearts, that between them, have enough room to love the whole universe.

If "Doctor Who" were the creation of one mind, I would be glad and hopeful, keeping the idea of him as an example of what our species may become. But that he is the creation of so many -- all the writers, directors, actors, crew, editors, and fans -- that he has survived, and continued to grow, in the context of a *real* world, through over 36 years of war, crime, greed and indifference -- this, *this* is what brings a heart-warmed tear to my eye.

{{{{Whovians}}} I love you guys!!
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